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Registering with a GP practice

To register permanently with a general medical practice (GP practice) you'll need to complete an application form.

You can complete your application online, then print and take into the GP practice.

Download an application form (PDF 223KB)


When you need to register with a new GP practice, these are the steps that you'll need to follow to make sure that your new GP practice has all your medical history and your medical records. If this is your first registration with a GP practice in the UK, medical records from outwith the United Kingdom won't be traced.

You can only register with a GP practice if you're staying in the area for more than 3 months. If you're not, you may still be treated, but as a Temporary Resident.

Step 1: Find your local GP

Use Scotland's Service Directory to find your nearest GP practice.

These results are for guidance only. Even though a GP practice is highlighted from your post code search, your address may not be served by that GP practice (and you may not be able to register with them).

Step 2: Contact the practice

Once you have found your nearest GP practice, telephone or call in person to find out whether they can accept you as a patient.

Step 3: Make an appointment to register

If they can accept you as a patient, they'll ask you to make an appointment to register.

You don't need ID or proof of your new address to register but it will help the practice if you can provide these.

Step 4: Complete the application form

When you attend for your appointment, they'll ask you to complete an 'Application to Register with a General Medical Practice' form. Alternatively, you can complete the application form and bring it with you. 

You'll be required to provide:

  • your name
  • your current and previous address
  • your date of birth
  • full details of the GP practice you were previously registered with

What if the practice doesn’t accept me?

Sometimes, you may not be able to register with a GP practice, for example, if:

  • you live outside the area that the practice covers
  • the practice isn't accepting new patients

You'll need to register with another GP practice in your area instead.

It's also important to note that you can only register with a GP practice if you're staying in the area for more than 3 months. If you're not, you may still be treated but as a Temporary Resident. For more information on being treated as a Temporary Resident please contact your nearest GP practice.

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